Hi, I’m err, Alan Graham … this is my photo-blog.

There are a few dozen Alan Grahams in Scotland, almost 300 in the UK, and many more across the world. I’m Alan Graham who moved to Glasgow (Scotland) in 2000 from a glory-gone-by seaside town called Largs.

I’m also the Alan Graham lucky enough to have met Amanda, my fabulous girlfriend fiance wife. It’s Amanda’s fault that I got interested in photography … all her fault!

Photography is, to me, a great hobby that keeps me sane and amused, and gives me something to do when out hillwalking too!

Anyway, I started this photoblog to try and get some feedback on my work – and many thanks to those of you that’ve told me exactly what you think. Feel free to add comment to any of the images, and I welcome all criticisms too.


I wholeheartedly believe equipment is secondary to composition, subject, and patience.

However, for the record I shoot Nikon (D70, D700).

I use a 20mm f2.8 prime for landscape work. This is supported by an old-school Manfrotto 055 tripod and 222 head. Many thanks to my old friends at Real Time Engineering for such an excellent tripod setup.

My f1.4 50mm covers almost every other situation – I highly recommend one. I have another few lenses that are rarely used (mid-range zooms, 400mm manual focus).

Anyway, many thanks for visiting,


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