Art on wheels

Art on wheels

I was fortunate enough to spot a Citroën DS on my way to work today, so I thought I’d post this photo of one I took in Amsterdam this April. They’re still seen occasionally in the continent, but are pretty rare in the UK nowadays.

As cars they’ve always rather infatuated me. Unveiled 50 years ago in Paris, they look as individual now as they did then, and have some amazing features still rare amongst today’s cars:

  • Uses a semi-automatic gearbox to give f1-style gearchanges (except using a lever, not paddles!).
  • Has headlamps that follow the curves of the road ahead (now available in Citroën’s new C4).
  • Handles a front tyre blow out without veering to one side.
  • You don’t need a jack to change a wheel.

Which brings me to another point…. for some reason the long-dormant petrol-head gene has burst back into life in me. Much as a 998cc Toyota Yaris is an utterly perfectly, sensible car for me, I really do fancy something a bit more “classic”. My thoughts right now are on a clean & tidy Mini (Cooper?) from around the late sixties or so. Amanda needs sensible & reliable transport for her daily commute so this’ll have to be an additional car, not a replacement for the Yaris.

Watch this space!

June 20, 2005


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