Eschew cliché my ass.

Eschew cliché my ass.

Ok, first off apologies to Mike Johnstone.

He writes a great photography column called Sunday Morning Photographer – a column I’ve fervently read for a few years now.

My favourite article of his talks about avoiding the normal, staying creative and generally being brave in your photography: Eschew cliché. I’ve always tried to stick by what he says.

However, I’m beginning to wonder what’s actually wrong with taking “nice pictures” of things…. It is fair to say the shot above did not push any boundaries of art, taste or style, but I still like it.

Sometimes, I just like a photo to be a pleasant picture, perhaps a hint postcardy, however just something that evokes a mild “oooh that’s nice” reaction. Sure, other photographers are saying “oh come on, that’s done to death, give it a break.”… but I don’t do this for other photographers, I do it for me……

P.S. Amanda’s just realised that my wonderfully romantic gesture of flowers 4 hours ago was really playing second-fiddle to photography. Damn, I’ve been rumbled :-|

July 1, 2005


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