Fresh eyes.

Fresh eyes.

Is it not a bit strange how you sometimes only see the bad things in your home town?

Last week, I met up with Régis (ze ladees man) for lunch… As we both had bikes, I suggested a quick cycle to Pollok Park, which he’d never seen before.

He was astounded that such a massive park existing well within the city boundaries, with its grounds ranging from muddy tracks to pristine sculpted flower beds. The shot is taken within the gardens of Pollok House.

Recently, speaking to a number of new arrivals to Glasgow, I’m surprised to hear that they have travelled all over Europe and the world, never staying still for more than 9 months – yet they feel settled and happy in Glasgow. The general opinion I get is that, if it weren’t for the weather, it’d be nigh on perfect.

With this in mind, I’m giving Glasgow the break it deserves. Some things still bother me: we’d have cured the common cold and pioneered cold fusion if only the populace worked as hard at education as it did on religious bigotry… however for the first time in 5 years, I’m happy to be a Glaswegian.

July 29, 2005


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