Not photoshop.

Not photoshop.

Unwound tonight taking photos up at the necropolis – Glasgow’s massive cemetry on the edge of the city centre.

Was glad to have the company of my mate, Colin, and the best shots were of us shooting ghost pictures on long-exposure. It was ISO200, 15 seconds at f8. I was in that shot for no more than 5-6 seconds. Plenty long enough for me to press the button then get in the scene :)

I’ve read before that you should try, as photographers, to stay on the edge of your “comfort zone” (i.e. trying things that make you a little bit uneasy)…. I definitely was just a little bit uncomfortable in the cemetery, which has a reputation for gang fights and general buckfast-fuelled thuggery. I could occasionally hear some drunk neds carrying on in the distance, and passed 2 guys sharing a bottle on a bench, but it was quieter than I expected, which is no bad thing!

August 1, 2005


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