Camden Market.

Camden Market.

We were pleasantly surprised to manage a trip to Camden Market on Sunday – we thought we wouldn’t have time before heading back to Glasgow, however we made it!! As always there was lots going on, and it was absolutely bursting at the seams with tourists like us.

That’s the 3rd time I’ve visited friends in London, and it was excellent – far, far better than before. It’s the first time I’ve been there and felt that I’d actually enjoy living there – perhaps because we took it easy and didn’t cram a million things into each day, perhaps just luck. There’s a gallery of more photos from the weekend, anyway.

One thing however – I carried my camera everywhere, and took about 300 photos over the course of the weekend. About 30 of these are OK, about 5 of them are good – the rest are awful. Most of the time the camera was just a pesky weight round my neck.

I reckon I need to work out when I’m likely to get a good shot, and when I’m just toting around dead weight…..

August 8, 2005


August 11th, 2005

Cool shot, I like the colors.

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