Impartial Observer.

Impartial Observer.

Hoo, what a day. Spent the whole day wandering around Glasgow with the camera, and talked myself into buying this lens. To afford it, I traded in my beloved Pentax P30n, which has lay untouched for the last 4 weeks anyway… barring a 1961 Canonet, I am now a digital-only man.

Am not too bothered however – the Pentax cost me £40 on eBay, with a tripod and flashgun… both of which I still use, and I was offered £50 trade-in value. Result! If anyone wants a 2x Vivitar Pentax K-Mount teleconverter then it’s available for postage costs only.

The new lens is excellent, and was used to capture the photo above – taken during an Orange Walk through Glasgow’s city centre.

I’ve spent a good while thinking about whether to post this photo: Orange Walks are a part of Glasgow life which many people feel strongly about, however I like the photo, and would hope that people can accept my shot as that of an impartial observer. Anyone wishing to know more can read this Wikipedia article titled Religious rivalry in Glasgow.

Suffice to say that, although I feel a persons cultural history is an important part of their identity, surely in todays world of murder for oil, genocide and starvation we could just get along a little bit better amongst ourselves. I sound like a preacher so I’ll just quite while I’m ahead…

August 14, 2005


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