Serious air, dude.

Serious air, dude.

Am very tired, so am about to head to bed.

Another excellent day with the camera, out again with Mike & Sarah at The Glasgow Show. Highlight of the show had to be the BoldDog Lings motorcycle display team (pictured above, obviously!), although the Ford Rally Experience was also rather good.

Tickets were an unbelievable price of £2.50, and the whole thing is repeated again tomorrow, so if you have an hour or two free near Glasgow Green, I’d recommend popping along.

Safe to say I have enough photos for a few days of posts, now, as there were many excellent attractions at the show.

August 20, 2005


August 26th, 2005

Wow.. that’s really cool :)

September 11th, 2005

What an excellent capture, no blur, framed well (some cropping to get this though?), exposed well… And no foreground or background to distract! I trust he landed it…

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