Fake Cobbles.

Fake Cobbles.

Don’t know exactly why I like this shot – taken while waiting in the queue for the cash machine at Glasgow’s Merchant Square.

I like the “wet look” they have – the square is covered, thus the ground is totally dry… leading to an odd sensation where you expect your feet to slip over the cobbles but they don’t. Never a good thing when you’ve already drank a few pints. :-)

Anyway, enough from me, I thought this was a slight departure from the norm… I think the photo would look good with something else in the frame (perhaps a big rubber duck?). As I don’t tend to carry around such things just on the off-chance, this’ll have to do for now!

August 23, 2005


August 24th, 2005

Cool shot, it definitely looks wet. I can see how that would trip you up after a few drinks.

August 24th, 2005

for some reason i see gas lamps and Jack the Ripper prowling the streets.anyway thats what it tells me.

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