Drama-queen punk.

Drama-queen punk.

I’ve decided for today’s shot to feature some detail I’d overlooked in a photo taken a while ago, for two reasons:

  1. I should develop my eye for detail by spotting new things in old shots.
  2. I didn’t take any decent photos over the weekend. :-)

This guy, and a girl in Camden High Street, were in Camden High Street at the start of the month.

I was watching the two of them gather quite a crowd of tourists, who were wanting their photos taken with them, or taking their pictures together… that sort of thing. After a few minutes, I decided I’d take a picture of the general melee around them.

Quite obstinately, and with a certain degree of drama-queen, one of them haughtily requested that I wait my turn to take their photo, just before I took the shot. I didn’t take the shot.

I’m still not entirely sure why he wanted me in particular to wait, while scores of people around me took photos (whilst not waiting in any particular queue). The whole drama-queen reaction from a punk still makes me giggle a bit though.

p.s. Having looked at this photo later, I’m thinking its drastically over-sharpened. However, despite the technical flaws, I like the edginess that it gives the shot, so am keeping it as-is. Sorry to any perfectionists that think it’s a bit mince. :-)

August 29, 2005


August 29th, 2005

heh, funny story. What an odd thing for people to do “Ooh, lets have our photo taken with the punk.” I mean, I can understand “arty” photos by photographers, but can you imagine regular Joe’s getting home – “.. and this is when we had our photo taken with the punk in the street”. hmmm…

August 29th, 2005

Yeah, I think you’ve summed it up: That’s me with the Buckingham Palace Guards, that’s me outside Downing Street, that’s me beside the waxwork of Elton John, that’s me beside a punk in Camden.

He actually came across as a nice guy, I just found his strange reaction too funny…

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