Found out yesterday lunchtime that there was cycle racing on that night in the city centre. It was rather surprising, seeing 2 blocks of the city centre closed off.

By the time I arrived cycling was well underway, the eventual winner had already pulled out a comfortable 2-3 second lead, which he extended to over 20 seconds by the end of the 1 hour race. The 2 guys in this shot seemed equally matched throughout the race, although to be honest it’s difficult to tell one cyclist from another sometimes. I have put the rest of the photos in a gallery on Smugmug.

Taking the shots was a lot more technically challenging than I expected. It was impossible to freeze their motion, so I had to use my pretty ropey panning technique, which I’ll have to brush up on for sure. For Nikon D70 geeks, this was my first photo shoot using the Fotogenetic EV3 curve.

After this, I headed down to the Science Centre on the clyde. Again. Some photos from there may follow, although I have altogether far too many shots taken down there.

August 30, 2005


August 30th, 2005

Love this photo Alan. Also love 13 and 15 in the gallery that show off some good panning.

I really want to go some sporting event like this. In fact, I always watch the Tour de France and fancy taking photos of something similar. It’s the sort of thing that digital cameras are great for, because if you don’t get the pan the first time, just try again until you come up with a decent one! Loads cheaper than film. heh. I used to visit the British Touring Car championships quite a bit about 10 years ago, and took lots of photos, but my panning technique was lousy and the fact that I was using film meant it was either expensive or I had to cut down taking photos (and being a student I chose the latter!)

August 30th, 2005

I was just lucky… found out just a few hours before it started. There’s probably lots of cycling events near you, so just keep your eyes open.

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