Photographer’s assistant.

Photographer’s assistant.

Well, Sunday felt like several days rolled into one.

Day 1 (9-11am): Chasing 2 kids all around the local park to capture some images for my first ever commissioned work. Some baby and toddler portraits shot outdoors in the local park for a friend of a friend. I never thought it would be such hard work – I finished the 2 hour session sweating and exhausted. However it’s nice to be in demand. :-)

Day 2 (12-2pm): The slight route-change of the Glasgow Great Scottish Run (10km and half-marathon races) have meant that for about 2-3 hours we were stuck in a monumental traffic jam. Basically we wanted to go West, to visit my family, however the only direction we could go was East. We gave up after taking 20 minutes to cover half a mile.

Day 3 (4pm-7pm): Finally getting clear of the madness, and being able to relax with a proper genuine lazy Sunday afternoon. Was just what I needed.

I’m not using any of Sunday’s photos on the blog, which has left me with a shortage of photos for today. However I couldn’t have managed the shoot without the help of my trusty Taz (a gift from Amanda’s gran). He held my subject’s attention well, and spent most of his time stuffed in my pocket, on top of my camera, and in my mouth (!!).

I have an exam on Wednesday (MCSD .NET exam for work), so am not expecting to take many photos in the next few days.

September 5, 2005


September 5th, 2005

Sounds like a really busy day! It’s a great photo, and I’m glad you wiped the slobber off it first!!!

Good luck with the exam. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, eh? Sounds terribly important. I guess it gets you better wages than just “programmer” though :o )

September 7th, 2005

Thanks. Am a bit disheartened by the exams at the moment. Basically to pass you must suspend normal thought and do everything “The Microsoft Way” for 2-3 days.

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