Busker City.

Busker City.

Is every city in the UK becoming like this, or is it only Glasgow? All the pedestrianised streets in the city centre are bursting at the scenes with buskers, street shows, and artists – even on weekdays. It’s almost like London’s Covent Garden (but with less pretend statues!!).

As you walk around the city you drift from one style of music to another. A bagpiper fades into a string quartet (playing Pachelbel’s Canon), blending into an acoustic guitarist strumming Oasis. A walk around the corner reveals 4 continental chaps fervently attacking 2 accordian’s, a violin and a guitar.

This shot seemed bland at first – I was trying to convey the movement of the musicians in time to their music. The result is not something I’m overly fussed about, however I’m taking a far more cavalier “publish, and be damned” attitude these days…

September 10, 2005


September 12th, 2005

I like the sense of motion in this shot. I might’ve fired a second curtain sync flash to get a clear picture of the musician with the blur around him though.

September 12th, 2005

Good tip, I’ll try that soon, no doubt. Many thanks…

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