Tennents Tenants.

Tennents Tenants.

There’s no shortage of grim stories about Glasgow’s high-rise tower blocks, however I thought this was particularly bad – two blocks built right beside the Tennents factory, which churns out beer, 24/7. As you can imagine, it really does stink around there, and just cannae be a nice place to live.

The tower blocks in Glasgow are being pulled down, slowly, although I don’t think all of them are scheduled for demolition.

In other news, I’ve been expanding my baby photo service – our friend’s 2 week-old girl was in the viewfinder this time. Congratulations Carolyn & David!

September 20, 2005


September 21st, 2005

Watch you don’t get jumped; Thats a pretty expensive (and heavy) necklace you’re wearing :)

September 21st, 2005

Yeah.. not exactly the safest area of Glasgow, all the same.

It’s insured.. also, I was with a friend – the meanest-looking guy I know (sorry Colin, just kidding!).

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