Archie Captured.

Archie Captured.

I’d like to introduce you to Archie, my mate Iain’s dog. Have been trying to get a shot of him for months now, however he’s a bit excitable around the camera, so sneaky preparation is the order of the day.

Popped my head round the door to take this shot, and it was all over before he could react. I think he was actually a bit dissappointed: he seems to enjoy ruining all my attempts at getting a decent shot of him!!

October 8, 2005


October 9th, 2005

My dog is the same way. I can only get him in a peaceful shot if he is sleeping. The dog in your photo does look a bit dismayed. But VERY snuggly.

Steve Graham
October 9th, 2005

nah – look at the way the dog is covered in teddy bears

he must have been nailed into the basket to keep him still

its all a fix lol

PS – nice picture

October 10th, 2005

A cute dog cuddling teddy bears. What could make a more “ahh” inducing photo? I know of nothing.

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