The Old Parish.

The Old Parish.

It took a bit of digging around to find out the story behind this old ruin (and I know you all love a story, don’t you?).

The tower is all that is left of this old building – the rest was knocked down in 1931 when the Cathcart Old Parish Church moved to grander premises nearby. I believe the tower has been standing for over 300 years.

The tower bell was transferred to the new church, however I have no idea why the tower was left standing, yet the rest of the church demolished. Previously the whole tower was illuminated, however that seems to have stopped at least a year or so ago.

At the bottom of the tower, two flung-open doors just begged us to go in and nosey around – sadly the tower is an empty shell inside, although you can make out the staircases, as well as a number of fireplaces on the higher floors.

The sparsely-populated graveyard also contains a few interesting finds: a martyr’s tomb (to 3 Covenanters killed by government troops during one of the more vicious Scotland-England conflicts), and a gravestone with a long sword on it, which is rumoured to be the resting place of a Knight from The Crusades.

November 1, 2005


November 1st, 2005

Great composition, although it looks a bit soft (camera shake?). That looks a very spooky place like some of those around here.

November 1st, 2005

Yes, it was a bit shaky unfortunately. I am going to go back under better lighting conditions. To be honest I should perhaps have left this as a draft until I got the image I was happy with.

November 1st, 2005

I actually like the softness, it’s very atmospheric. I keep looking for ghosts in it :)

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