This was not meant to be todays post.

In fact, this was a post that was never meant to be.

It came around because I didn’t follow every single step of my ninja-honed blog publishing workflow. This could be because I’d had a half bottle of a rather smashing Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner, followed up by an exceptionally crisp Heineken, but I doubt it. Honest.

Basically, I usually resize my finished photos to 650 pixels wide, then export as a JPEG for the web. Except, having forgotten to resize, I got to see the top corner of my finished shot at 100% zoom. Hmmm, thats interesting.

So here it is. The full shot will be posted on Monday… in true Rolf Harris “Can you guess what it is yet?” style. :-)

November 13, 2005


November 13th, 2005

Some kind of leaf/waterfall thing.
oh oh oh! a street drain?

November 13th, 2005

Street drain? no… but a sweet idea. I’ll get right on it…

Its not that exciting, I think the point was that quite often there are interesting shots within other shots, that’s all.

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