Postcard #2: Goodbye Melbourne.

Postcard #2: Goodbye Melbourne.

Our last night in Melbourne, and a few nasty thunderclouds had gathered over the city centre. We didn’t have to wait long to get some thunderstorms.

Fortunately, another resident at the hostel had a tripod, which I nabbed to get this shot (thanks Eric). I reckon he got some rather good lightening shots by the end of the night.

In other news, my shot of the Peoples Palace has just been published in the Evening Times (wahoo, fame at LAST!). Well, it was nice to see my name in print, I suppose. :-)

We’ve just arrived in Byron Bay. After some initial confusion over the timezones we’re right at home (standing outside the bank at “4:30pm” and cursing them for closing early – after asking a rather bemused stranger the time we realised we’d got a bit confused, it was 5:30!).

In our defense… we flew into Brisbane, and our helpful and chatty pilot told us the new time. We then got a bus to Byron Bay, and our sullen and grumpy bus driver (4 hr journey, 5 words spoken, sitting behind him, only passengers on the minibus and no radio!) didn’t bother to say we’d crossed into another timezone!

December 7, 2005


December 7th, 2005

Nice shot. Shame you didn’t get any of the lightning!

December 7th, 2005

Nice shot, but I’ve another question; How do you get your photographs used in newspapers?

December 8th, 2005

…in this case I’d entered a photo competition in The Lighthouse (architectural arts centre in Glasgow). In another situation I was in the right place at the right time… Be persistent and tenacious is my best advice!

December 8th, 2005

Nice picture! Seems well balanced in content and tone.

December 8th, 2005

postcards are great, keep sending them! Very nice shot, when do you publish your guide book of Australia?

December 10th, 2005

If someone wants to pay me to live in Oz for a year, then I’ll gladly write them a book / photo-journal.

Any super-rich philanthropists just have to drop me an email…

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