Farewell to Festivities.

Farewell to Festivities.

Well… the turkey’s all finished, the hangover’s have gone, and after 6 weeks off work, I’ve just finished my first day back in the office.

That was Christmas 2005, that was…. hope you all had fun. :-)

p.s. Just realised that this is an almost carbon-copy of John’s post from the 4th December. Sorry John!

January 4, 2006


January 4th, 2006

This is spectacular! I dig!

January 5th, 2006

very nice, I like how you kept all the shadow detail

January 5th, 2006

Funky… 6 weeks off work.. oh how I dream of that :)

January 5th, 2006

Great shot, I love the blasts of colour through the darkness.

February 5th, 2006

Whee! fun foto. Great exposure

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