Commuter Model.

Commuter Model.

Hey hey!

Am back from my holidays – a surprise trip to New York (thanks my to girlfriend Amanda!). Had a great time out there, and more details will follow over the next few days!

… I managed to get a nice mint-condition Nikon 50mm f1.4 AF lens out there. Most of you’ll be aware this isn’t a “photo gear” blog. I’ve been asked before why I don’t list the capture data about each shot on the blog, and I usually won’t detail this, as I reckon it shifts the focus from photographs to photography equipment.

However I’ve really been rather happy about the lens, which is sharper than my standard zoom lens at any aperture (even when used wide open at f1.4). I’m looking forward to capturing some faster-paced night time shots, rather than relying upon captures taking several seconds to complete.

All the shots over the next few days were taken within about 15 minutes of each other, as I wandered around Manhattans deserted Chinatown and Little Italy districts at about 11pm at night.

February 21, 2006


February 21st, 2006

thought it was a little quiet around here ;)

New lens sounds cool, the whole 1.4/1.6x ‘crop’ put me off getting a 50mm, but canon do a stonking (and cheap) f1.8 50mm

Looking forward to the pics ;)

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