The Pier at Duck Bay.

The Pier at Duck Bay.

Although I thought this shot lacked a bit of imagination, it was still preferrable to my other shots from the night, which were symmetrically down the centre of the pier, in that oft-clichéd out-to-the-vast-sea scene.

This is the rather spectacularly neon-lit Duck Bay Hotel at Loch Lomond. I tend to call it Duck Vegas, and am not a big fan (although this wee chunk of pier is alright). To have a cheesy hotel in the middle of such stunning scenery is, to me, like plonking a McDonalds at the top of the Grand Canyon. I just don’t reckon our scenery needs neon lighting and a piano bar to be enjoyed…. but then again I’m funny that way.

We travelled further up the loch last night, having left the tinkled ivories behind us… but this was the best shot from last night. It wasn’t a great trip :-|

Still, there’s always next time…

March 6, 2006


March 7th, 2006

Nah, you’re not funny thinking the hotel is out of place. I agree. But then again, they put Vegas smack dab in the middle of a mountain plain…. and it sure ain’t paradise. None of this makes sense. In the words of the great Don Henely, “The rich man came and raped the land, nobody caught him. Put up a bunch of little boxes, and Jesus people bought ‘em..”
If you build it, they will come.

March 9th, 2006

love the slightly spooky effect the lighting seems to give to the shot.

March 11th, 2006

Wah! I never realised there’d be cheap and nasty hotels up there! What a shame.

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