Easily Pleased.

Easily Pleased.

What is it with the UK (and Scotland in particular) and our incredible fascination with snow.

Almost every year it snows, yet every time it happens our world grinds to a halt, and we stare slack-jawed in amazement at the sheer unpreparedness of us all. We then wander around our parks and streets either playing with the snow, or cursing about it… then it melts and life goes back to “normal”. We’re always so fascinated by it, yet its not really all that amazing…

Anyway… I’m away outside, cos its snowing!!!! :-D

March 12, 2006


March 13th, 2006

simple Alan, we need something to moan about, and what better than the fact we’re not prepared for the snow/rain/sun etc!

March 13th, 2006

snow can be so beautiful. you captured it in its good form. not the icky, sloshy, i hate driving form. :)

March 19th, 2006

Wow, that looks great. I wish we had got some snow down here :(

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