Pollokshaws Toll (& a history lesson!)

Pollokshaws Toll (& a history lesson!)

If there’s one marvellous thing about Glasgow (and trust me, at times I struggle to find one!), it is that, as long as a building survives long enough to become even slightly historic, there’s a marginally better than average chance that it’ll be looked after…

So, in this case, its been restored, given a funky lighting job, and err, surrounded by a roundabout…

In all fairness, it’s a miracle this building has survived… it is the old Pollokshaws Toll Booth, which was built around 1800 as a toll payment point for journeys on the road towards Glasgow “City” (which has now grown about another mile past this point).

Interestingly, the 1800s architecture of Pollokshaws was quite different to that of the rest of Glasgow, with the toll booth being a rare surviving example. In 1912, Pollokshaws became part of Glasgow city “proper”, with change expected to be inevitable…

However, it took until the 1930s, I believe, before the old weavers cottages and small houses were torn down to make way for tenements, and in the 1960s, blocks of high-rise flats.

Change is, I suppose, inevitable… and its not always a bad thing either.

March 19, 2006


March 20th, 2006

Great colors and lines. Cool story too.

March 20th, 2006

That there is the booth? With the big, metal door? Looks nothing like an old fashioned sort of thing. Looks like a modern prison!
Great night shot, and I love the streak of lights!

March 21st, 2006

Alan, great shot but then I didn’t expect anything less.

March 21st, 2006

Thanks folks … I like criticism too you know :-)

I found it tough to get properly square angles on everything. There’s still a bit too much lens distortion on the doorframe, although I noticed that the walls of the building really do lean out a little bit. I like my shots nice n straight… :-)

April 18th, 2009

Love the story. As a student i’m doing an architectural review on it and I find it a fascinating building. Not sure if you’ll get this message in 2009 though! Cheers

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