Busker v2.0.

Busker v2.0.

I try and avoid repeating myself, but I happened to pass this busker again, and knew I could get into a far better position, and would leave enough sky space for the huge mushroom cloud fireball that he produces.

I’m really pleased with the result… :-)

March 26, 2006


Steve Graham
March 26th, 2006

Nice to see that Alan isnt the only one who talks loads of hot air!. Hehe joke, honest.

nah – really cool pic. Im guessing he doesnt need Extra Strong Mints on a winters morning!

March 26th, 2006

OH yeah, definetly worth getting another shot! Sometimes it helps knowing what is going to happen, to get the right angle.

Very worth it!

March 27th, 2006

Nice use of selective color…one of the best I have seen.

March 27th, 2006

Aye, the colouring has come out fantastically!

Looks really surreal, almost computer generated.. weird!

March 28th, 2006

Woo! Now that’s a great shot!

March 29th, 2006

Incredible! I thought I had seen something like this from you before. The colour in the flame is amazing.

March 29th, 2006

The desaturation really works. I love the texture in the fireball. So, do you pay him something? :)

March 31st, 2006

This is an awesome picture. Fantastic.

The colour is great

April 2nd, 2006

Wow, looks like a nuclear explosion.

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