Sunset Of 2005.

Sunset Of 2005.

Now that I have a dandy new iMac, I’m able to look over lots of photos that I just couldn’t work with before (a chronic lack of hard disk space meant that I was constantly juggling files on and off of DVDs and CDs – now I have enough space to just get stuck in).

This was taken whilst in Byron Bay, Australia. We were both utterly exhausted as we’d (foolishly) been walking for about 2-3 hours with no water to drink, in 30 Celcius heat. Still I think it was worth it for this shot.

After the Oz trip, and then New York, it looked like a very bleak and long 2006, with no further holidays planned… however I’m happy to say that our good friend Regis is inviting us over to France sometime soon for a cheap break. (Thanks regis!!)

April 15, 2006


April 15th, 2006

Totally worth it. But don’t be so silly next time!! Beautiful shot.

June 12th, 2006

HI! I love this place!

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