The Daily Chore.

The Daily Chore.

Y’know sometimes its funny – you go out without planning to take a single photo, and you come back with something you quite like… and its not a shot I could plan either, it just kinda “happened”.

I was taking a few shots of some daffodils (which may follow this) and I suddenly realised this wee dog was looking around, obviously being marched round the park quickly, much to it’s disgust. I dunno why I like it, but I did … and here it is! :o )

Am glad I’m finally back out taking photos, and I have a reliable and rather spectacularly good new computer to prepare the shots on ….

April 20, 2006


April 21st, 2006

I lover pictures of dogs like this; you’ve put me in the mood to post some of my own soon :)

Shame the light wasn’t slightly different, I do love seeing reflections in their eyes!

April 21st, 2006

Oh, he very much would like to play! Great capture! I posted my pup today!

Steve Graham
April 21st, 2006

you posted your pup??

i hope u left air holes and sufficient food ;)

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