We arrive at the riverside overlooking the docks … and begin taking a few shots of the illuminated shipyard…

Within 5 minutes, I, in a spectacularly foolish way, manage to lock our car keys inside my camera bag, inside the car. D’oh.

After a long and expensive taxi-ride we arrive back … and by this point the light has mellowed and produced a much more pleasing image… then 3 or 4 photographers arrive, all-in-a-rush and frantically set up their kit. I couldn’t see what the big hurry was about, and only after chatting to one of them I realise they’re floating a whole section of the ship up-river tonight, and it’s due to arrive in 5 minutes…

I’m still working on the other pictures, however I thought I’d better publish something soon, as it was getting pretty barren on here…

August 5, 2006


August 5th, 2006

I would have liked to have seen that… How do people find out when they’re doing interesting things in the shipyards??

Very nice atmospheric shot, I love night shots…

August 14th, 2006

Great reflections.

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