Hi everybody, apologies about the lack of posts, but I’ve hardly had a spare minute to sort out the photos.

I’m in London through the week just now, and I think I’ll start taking my camera/tripod with me … although next week it’s Berlin (just for a change).

Will endeavour to keep things up as best I can (sorry!)…  this is a shot of where a few of my london friends stay … a rather nice bit of London out near Canary Wharf.

September 14, 2006


September 14th, 2006

Good catch! The moon just popping from behind the cloud, and I love that detail in the skyscraper. Is it me or is it a bit wonky?

Ben Klusman
September 15th, 2006

Hey, awesome photos! I have to admit, I’m posting for selfish reasons. Found a link here while looking for smugpress… how is that doing??? I’d love to have it!

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