Life Sentence.

Life Sentence.

Hi folks… infrequent posts shall continue for the next 2-3 weeks anyway, I’m afraid.

Taken during a visit to Berlin Zoo… I’m still on the fence over the ethical issues of zoos – sure they protect animals and perform conservation in the wild, however surely no one can deny the cruelty of caging up such a beautiful creature, even if it is for the benefit of the species as a whole.

I dunno … :-(

October 11, 2006


October 11th, 2006

As far as I’m concerned if they ARE helping the conservation act then great but, to take your photo as a point, I’m not sure lions are on the endangered list.

I think the concept of Safari parks is a little better, at least then these animals have space to move around in if they choose to, watching a tiger pace a tiny holding is heartwrenching for me, much as I love to see such magnificent beasts up close it’s just not fair on them.

October 11th, 2006

She (I’m guessing) certainly looks a forlorn figure. I’m with you in terms of I don’t quite know where I stand on the ethics of it. It is a sad state of affairs though when so little respect is shown for a species or its habitat that incarceation is potentially the best we can do for them. Your image certainly gets you thinking about it though.

October 11th, 2006

Yeah, it’s made me think a bit, for sure…

October 12th, 2006

Hi Alan, not had a look at your site for a couple of weeks and thought i’d check out what you’ve been doing only to see such a sad image. She looks miserable sitting there :(

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