Photo Friday: Sky

Photo Friday: Sky

It’s always really tough when you’re standing in the freezing cold, waiting for a shot. Do I take this shot now, wait until the light improves, or try another angle or position?

Previously I used to always move around, and sometimes I’d be in the right place at the right time. Lately I’ve been trying to show restraint, and get a good picture, then wait until the light is right.

Of course, the problem of is that if you end up with a duff angle or position, your entire trip is wasted!  Not good when you’ve just got up at 5am or so!
I quite liked this one, however…

p.s. it seemed a perfect choice for this weeks “Photo Friday” competition, themed “Sky”

February 7, 2007


February 7th, 2007

What times was the shot taken?

I love a red sky, has a real “god’s rather miffed with you, you know” look.

February 9th, 2007

It was taken around 7am. The orange is most-likely just the tungsten street lamps of the city reflected in the low cloud, but I’m not sure…

February 11th, 2007

Great shot. Is that Glasgow in the background? Where was this taken from?

February 11th, 2007

It was taken from near “The Whangie” and “Queens View” – North of Glasgow on the road to Drymen, and that is Glasgow in the distance, aye….

February 15th, 2007

nice sky, like the twinkling lights on the horizon

February 22nd, 2007

Yes, this is a quandry I often experience. I really hate to be static, especially with the longer exposures. I shoot but a few frames and I’m up and moving. This will be particualry relevant when I plan on going to a wood in May to catch the bluebells at dawn to capture that hazy morning light. I will probably move as the light turns from pelaisng to harsh. Still, I lov eit all, being out there and getting great shots. I think you captured this well .The tones are gentle.

jamie lynch
February 27th, 2007

nice photo you [** expletives rhyming with 'clucking flanker' deleted by admin **]

February 27th, 2007

Err, thanks for the comments Jamie… appreciated, now feck off and take your language elsewhere.

March 15th, 2007

hi, great pics just a quick note from a name sake yer one of the three hundred in the uk is that right 300? how did you find that out.
cheers, alan graham

March 18th, 2007

Very nice shot. I’m afraid I’m a mover and shaker too… sometimes in the right place, most of the time not!

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