Park Circus.

Park Circus.

At last we got some decent, clear, settled and freezing cold evenings for photography.

Plan #1 was to head out of the city and up to the Glennifer Braes… a viewpoint just outside of Paisley that looks across the entire Clyde Valley.  From here you can see the whole of Paisley, Glasgow, and no doubt more, spread in front of you.  As soon as we arrived, we realised that we’d very likely have to walk home if we stepped out of the car!  Grim.

So, plan #2 – head around Glasgow’s West End and find some interesting architecture, etc.  Park Circus seemed a logical starting point: an excellent example of 19th century architecture that is still remarkably original.  As most buildings now house offices for the citys better law firms, etc, the place was nicely deserted at this time of night.

Sometimes the best plans, are the ones that didn’t work, eh?

March 20, 2007


March 30th, 2007

Speaking of work… Park Circus is where I used to work, for the company that I worked for before I worked with you, and that you worked for after I stopped working with you.

… and actually, if memory serves, I’m pretty certain this photo is of the building next door to that very building, which was very weird for me when the page loaded up.

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