Back Again.

Back Again.

Hi all,

Am back again, hoping to stop letting Real Life get in the way of some decent photography!

Took this last week with Mike.  When I did the West Highland Way in 1999, this was a idyllic little cottage on the side of the path… at some point since then it’s fallen into ruin.  There’s definitely been a fire, and a LOT of stuff was smashed up by neds and idiots…

Such a shame, to see this fall into this kind of state.  Maybe I should buy it and move out there, and live in a tent until we get a roof.

In other news, we sold our Mini, as despite being a great focal point, it was just costing too much money.  Plus I was convinced I was going to lose my licence at some point with it :-)

August 13, 2007


Steve Graham
August 14th, 2007

When do we get arty pics of your new car then ;)

August 22nd, 2007

I love this..looking through, looking through, looking through. Great “framing.”

Steve Graham
August 23rd, 2007

Its all done by mirrors guv honest

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