The Old Parish, Revisited.

The Old Parish, Revisited.

It’s been a while, blah blah blah…

Have been doing rather a lot of stressful wedding photography (not my choice, honest, folk keep asking!), so I might see if some of those photos can be put up here, too.  It’s been rather enjoyable and am happy with the results, however not something I’m looking to continue with.. :)

My good friend Dave has been looking to go out with his new pocket camera for ages… and he stays quite close to this abandoned old church, so it seemed like a sensible place to revisit with him.  I forgot that the area is always full of drunken neds, screaming and shouting, although fortunately we weren’t spotted by any of them.

Anyway, hope this isn’t as infrequent as all the others…

October 9, 2007


October 9th, 2007

Really nice.

Where abouts is this?

October 9th, 2007

Cathcart, Southside of Glasgow. It’s on the ground between Kilmailing Rd and Carmunnock Rd.

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