A Years Ambition.

A Years Ambition.

You know, I moved to the new house almost exactly a year ago: I’ve been passing the magnificent Kelvingrove Museum ever since. Each time I see it in the evening, illuminated like this, I kick myself for not yet having captured one of Glasgow’s most historic landmarks.

Anyway, a last minute change of plans yesterday gave me the perfect opportunity. I had a few hours to kill between work and meeting Amanda, so I set off with the tripod, camera and a 20mm f2.8.

Those of you who know me personally will know that I usually trek around with a big camera bag, with flashguns, lenses, reflectors and all-sorts being dragged along for the ride.

I’m thinking this new minimalist way of working is somewhat better. Your head is no longer worrying whether you have the right lens, enough memory cards, etc, etc. Instead, you utilise what you have available. I’m not convinced that this produces better results, but I know for sure it’s a lot more fun!

November 24, 2007


November 24th, 2007

Welcome back from the photographic abyss!

I’m a big fan of the minimalist approach — I was actually considering picking up a Ricoh GR Digital rather than carting about my 300d!

Are you doing anything for the Festival of Light? ( http://www.winterfestglasgow.com/whatson/radiance/index.htm )

November 25th, 2007

you know I lived my youth in this building?

November 26th, 2007

Yeah… we took Dionne (amanda’s niece) over there a few weeks ago to see Sir Roger, and the Kylie Minogue exhibition.

You know you’re getting old when a singer from your childhood gets exhibited in a museum!

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