Yet another one of those locations I wanted to scout out and get some shots of.

This evening didn’t pan out great for photography, but it was a good laugh, and was good to be back out stomping around the wasteground of West Scotland. My mate Mike got an excellent silhouette of me against the sunset, which I would like to post on here, if he’ll let me. Most of all it was just good to get out, fill our lungs with fresh air, and play with our tripods :)

There seems to be a lot of discussion online about good photography locations for the refinery – this was taken from the back-end of the refinery, where it meets the Firth of Forth, at the water treatment works. The works are signposted, on the road between Grangemouth and Bo’ness. There’s a gap in the hedge before an abandoned farmhouse, if you follow that all the way to the bottom you’ll find the refinery spread out in front of you.

However, I think I’d prefer a shot with more elevation, which oversaw the entire complex. There was a ridge behind us that looked to be maybe 300ft in height, so maybe on another night we’ll try that out.

That’s all for now… :)

April 6, 2008


November 4th, 2008

I like this sort of shot. Industrial with futuristic lighting.

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