The Last Lock.

The Last Lock.

Do you know how sometimes you head out and already have, in your minds eye, an exact copy of the shot you are aiming to take that evening?

Well, this shot is the complete opposite of that.

I wanted to take a shot of sunset alongside the wrecked hulls in the empty side of Bowling Basin (far west of Glasgow, beyond the Erskine Bridge, on the North side of the River Clyde). However, fate was not smiling on me. Sunset was around 9pm, however the marina area is locked up securely from around 7pm each night.

A rather nice visiting yachtsman (sailor, yachtist, boat-owner, whatever you’d call him?) let me in to have a look around, however this was at least 20-30 minutes before the light would have been ideal. I couldn’t have him waiting around on me, so I had no option but to trudge away, dejected. I’ll go back when sunset is prior to 7pm.

With my main ambition blown for the evening, I thought I’d muck around instead. This was the result: an experiment in HDR photography (being a merge of 4 separate exposures). My friend Robert has been raving about HDR images for months, and has been keen to see what I did with the technique. I hope he approves :)

June 15, 2008


June 16th, 2008

I like it, I actually preferred the picture you took of your block of flats but this is very nice.

The waterfalls look great! Any progress with the commission!?

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