The Garden.

The Garden.

We’ve moved… again!

Now we are as far away from the city as you can get, whilst still technically being inside Glasgow – the conservation village of Carmunnock!

We’re adjusting to country bumpkin life well (there’s one local shop, which only accepts cash!), and I love that there’s miles of countryside only footsteps from my door. For the first time in years, we’ve got a garden, too…. which is kinda novel at the moment (note: must get a gardener, it’s too much work!)

There’s absolutely tons of wildlife all around the place… including these foxes. I had the camera handy one evening, and took this picture (at f1.4 and ISO 1600, which explains why it’s a little soft). It was quite surreal, for the brief seconds he was staring in at me, you felt like you were right inside his little foxy brain, lol.

The night after I took this, this, or another fox, came back and stole a dog toy from the garden. You could hear him squeaking the toy in the gardens of all my neighbours, hahaha, that’ll make us popular.

On a sad note, this is one of the few pictures that has came out well on my Nikon D70, which I think is getting a little tired. I need to upgrade, I feel, as it’s now almost 5 years old (!!).

October 6, 2008


October 6th, 2008

A little soft, yeah, but I love the light. One day I will also move out to the real country… one day. I just got back off holiday and my D70 was playing up a lot too – it kept randomly turning itself on when it was switched off… don’t get it.

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