Graveyards, Again.

Graveyards, Again.

I seem to have a photographical fascination with graveyards… the only reason there isn’t more graveyard shots in here is that, firstly, I’m utterly terrified of these places at night, and I don’t want to bore you…

This is Carmunnock Parish Church graveyard, which is nice and secluded, with lights, and no neds/jakes drinking in the corners. It’s on a small hump in the middle of Carmunnock village, and seems to only have older gravestones from times gone by.

I have been trying to use my external flashgun’s “wireless” feature, to illuminate parts of the shot, and have had limited success here (the trees to the right were lit by the flash-gun, although it’s a very faint effect). Some more experimentation will hopefully deliver better results.

October 12, 2008


October 13th, 2008

You don’t just have a fascination with graveyards, but graveyards at night. I reckon you must be a camera-wielding vampire. Better watch out for Buffy. Seriously though, nice work. I admire you for creeping around there at night.

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