Road To Nowhere.

Road To Nowhere.

This is, I think, the last in this batch of shots from the countryside around our new place.

It really is the Road to Nowhere. I drove all the way down it for a mile or so, and there was a locked gate at the end, stopping me from getting onto the main road. Grrr!

Had to be careful, taking this in the middle of the road, as cars were coming flying round the corner behind me. You could hear them coming. Electric cars are going to make this sort of photography a lot more dangerous. :(

November 7, 2008


November 10th, 2008

I really like this shot Alan. The processing makes this look like an infra red shot. Framing is perfect and the lead in line is brilliant too. Gate to the left, tree to the right. Perfect!

November 12th, 2008

Now this is a quality B&W shot-well worth the risk to life & limb…… ;-)

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