The Top of the Hill.

The Top of the Hill.

A little break from the normal. If anyone knows this guy, please ask him to get in touch.

The Cathkin Braes Country Park is being trialled as a possible venue for Mountain Bike races. We completely forgot the race was on when we went walkies with the dog, however it was great to see a wide range of folks using the park.

This chap just appeared up the hill at the right time. Quite happy with the result, although I feel it’s difficult to display portrait-orientation images using the current format of the blog. Any ideas?

August 19, 2009


August 20th, 2009

Is t Armstong? Great dynamic shot and good post processing. Really gives the shot an edge.

September 7th, 2009

Great bokeh on this shot Alan – you really captured his intense expression with the obvious exertion he’s outputting! Lovely shot!

As for the blog format – I love it. But i’m running at a fairly high resolution on my monitor, so maybe its not so great for lower res ones.

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