Mugdock Meanderings.

Mugdock Meanderings.

Tonights goal was simple. Go to Mugdock Park with Mike, take a picture of anything that I’d find worthy of the blog, and get it published. Then, retire to a nearby pub for dinner and more of a chat.

We’d had this planned on a number of occasions before, except circumstances seemed stacked against us. However, tonight was extremely enjoyable – some nice hills to stretch my legs and then a pretty respectable fish n chips later on at “The Tickled Trout” in Bearsden.

I’m realising that next month marks 5 years of this blog… time certainly does fly. This, and the fact Scotland is getting some truly glorious weather right now, should mean I get out to do some more photography. We’ll see though – I’ve said that before!

April 15, 2010


Steve Graham
April 16th, 2010

Oh my god – the blog is not dead.

This is an amazing pic on the full size resolution.

Loving your work Bro!

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