Portencross Rocks.

Portencross Rocks.

In the last month or two, I’ve taken the dog down to Portencross on several occasions, for a nice long walk. I’ve always fancied it as a shooting location, as it has some interesting buildings, boats, and just buckets of character, but it’s something we’ve never managed yet.

Anyway, this evening seemed tailor made for it. Mike, my long-time photography accomplice, was picking up a car from near there, and we could nip around the area, trying out the car and taking a few pics. Had an absolute blast. His new tonka-tough Landcruiser will hopefully get us to even more remote locations in the future.

Also, I’ve recently signed up for Chromasia’s photography tutorials, which look very interesting. Am hoping they’ll help me keep up the frequent postings to the blog. We’ll see! I’ll keep you all informed of progress.

April 22, 2010


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