A Slice of Home.

A Slice of Home.

A friend of mine, who has “emigrated” to Cambridge, recently remarked that the one thing he missed about home, above all else, is a good old fashioned bit of square sausage.

Those of you not versed in fine Scottish cuisine may mistake these slabs of meat as mere burgers, when they are in fact something entirely different… Flat, square tiles of slightly spiced meat, it can be bought in a huge chunk to slice to your own preferred thickness (like a hefty gold ingot, made of meat) or, in my case, pre-sliced.

As I knew these were were going to be a photo-op, I ditched the healthier griddle pan and light spray (or, even healthier: the grill), choosing instead the full-fat swimming-in-oil extravaganza that is traditional scots cooking :)

For those who left scotland…. what is it you miss the most?

April 29, 2010


April 29th, 2010

You swine! How dare you goad us! What I’d give for a proper morning roll with a nice bit of artery clogging square sausage :(

Other delicacies you don’t realise are specific to Scotland until you suddenly take it into your head you want one and realise you can’t get them include pineapple Danish pastries.

And deep fried chip shop haggis. And Marshall’s macaroni. And proper rolls, (though sometimes you can find them). Oh, and Lees Macaroon bars, but you can sometimes get them too. And also…

Oh well. At least we expats in England get the weather…

May 17th, 2010

Well before I saw this image it was Butteries, but now it’s changed to Lorne sausage…sniff, sniff.

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