Photography weather?

Photography weather?

Never again shall I cancel a photography trip due to bad weather or poor light.

A few friends were interested in learning a little bit more about photography, so I offered to take them out one evening with a spare tripod, and let them try some long-exposure shots.

Of course, by the time evening came around it was absolutely chucking it down.  We were considering just cancelling the entire evening, but instead decided to just stick it out.

Firstly, I forgot just how much more vibrant the rain makes the colours of an image, and, I under-estimated the fun in going back to a familiar, almost cliche’d picture, the long exposure of water.  We had an absolute blast.

Another truth about this shot… You can use a £1700 Nikon D700, and a £400 20mm f2.8 lens, but if you don’t wear a £20 pair of wellies, you’ll never get the angle right.  Equipment matters, just not always in the way you’d expect… I really had to struggle here to get the shot and stay dry, where my mate Mike just wandered through the stream with impunity, his wellies keeping him nice n snug.  Lesson learned!

May 13, 2010


May 17th, 2010

Thanks for leading me to your blog. Really stunning shot. The very cool show the original feature really demonstrates your impressive processing too. You have done a great job of giving the image a very 3D look as the closest leaves almost pop out of the screen at me. Fantastic work!

May 17th, 2010

Thanks Jason…. very kind of you :)

May 17th, 2010

I do like the vantage point and extended exposure you used when capturing this shot. Great, gentle flow!

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